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a wedding filmmaker based in London. I was introduced to wedding videography through a friend of mine and ever since he took me to my first wedding as a second shooter, I was absolutely hooked. 

Weddings are such an exciting event. A day that brings your loved ones, far and wide, together to celebrate your love and courage to become one. There’s such passion and individuality at each wedding, the beauty of those warm moments between old friends and family, the heart felt tears as the vows are being read, the immersive spirit on the dance floor, and I intend to capture it all using discreet and unobtrusive methods of videography so that your wedding day can flow naturally.

I create a story of your day by carefully selecting creative and wide ranging shots, audio overlays of the ceremony & or speeches to create a flowing narrative and choosing rich & emotive music that complements the story being told. I then mould a seamless and cinematic experience of your wedding day, creating a narrative that tells your story authentically with some focus on cinematographic elements.

I have been fortunate enough to have filmed at a wide variety of locations and venues to tell couple's stories and whether your wedding is taking place in the UK or overseas, I am willing to travel there to tell yours. 

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