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I'm a London based filmmaker working in the wedding, fashion and event industry


I was introduced to wedding filmmaking through a friend of mine during the pandemic and he was kind enough to bring me along to my first ever wedding as a second shooter - and it's safe to say I was hooked from the very beginning.

 It's such an incredible experience to be a part of someone's wedding day and the editing process of creating wedding films soon became just as exciting as filming. The following two summers post pandemic I worked with two wedding filmmaking companies and, some where in the midst of that period, begun my own venture to focus on bringing couples more personal and stylised wedding films.


Since beginning this venture I have been fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of the UK's leading luxury wedding filmmakers, deepening my understanding of what high quality wedding filmmaking entails. I have also had to pleasure of filming weddings overseas and having always marvelled at the idea of destination weddings, whether your wedding is taking place in the UK or overseas, I am more than willing to travel there to tell your story. 


I describe my filming style as discreet and detailed. I focus not only on the biggest, most exciting moments of your day but on all the finer details that may have missed your eye. I believe subtly is an important part of wedding filmmaking, not only allowing for you and your guests to feel comfortable and at ease but to also remain an unobtrusive presence throughout your day so that your wedding can flow without interruption

I film weddings using modern and high grade recording equipment allowing for the highest quality without the clutter of big cameras, video lighting or shinny microphones. I use a combination of both digital lenses and cinema glass for different purposes throughout a wedding day which allows for dynamic and wide ranging shots throughout your films.


Having been a part of such a wide variety of weddings, both culturally and stylistically, I am in no favour of any type of wedding. I remain curious in my approach to all weddings and what can be created from them whether it be traditional weddings, cultural weddings, intimate weddings or production scale weddings.


During my time in the wedding space, I have collaborated with plenty of videographers to bring a wedding vision to life. I believe being able to collaborate is equally as important in wedding filmmaking as being able to create independently. Along the way I have met some fantastic filmmakers who I can call to for collaborative efforts to meet demands of larger production scale weddings. 

During the course of a year I take on a select number of weddings as well as fashion and event projects.

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